The 2012 Kia Soul

For the past two months, I've worked with Kia on reviewing their new 2012 cars. My past two reviews were the Sorrento and the Optima Hybrid, and now this time I got to review the Soul. The inside of the Soul was almost identical to the Sorrento and the Hybrid with only a few differences. There was only one sunroof in the Soul instead of two, there was a smaller middle console, and there was a mood changing knob for the color changing speakers on the door. The Soul also had an eco mode like the Hybrid as well.

I would also like to say that I think the Soul would be best suited for a family of two or smaller only because we did feel a little squished in it. The trunk is more tall than wide but it still can carry a good bit in it. The only things I didn't like about the Soul was that the gas went very quickly for us. It actually went faster than the Sorrento, even on Eco Mode so it's probably better suited for around town driving instead of vacations. Also, in the backseat, it was hard for me to get Mary buckled in because the belt itself would tighten if you pulled too hard. And after riding in our normal minivan for so long, we felt a lot of bumps on the road in the Soul but it's probably from riding so low.

Overall I do like the Soul but I think it's better suited for a smaller family that does a lot of around town driving. And out of all three that I've reviewed, I still pick the Hybrid as my first choice.

*Disclosure* I received the Soul to review for a week and then gave it back.