Back to School with School Specialty

This post is sponsored by School Specialty. All opinions are my own.

The new school year is looming already and supplies are starting to hit the shelves in stores. I normally stock up on what I need during the summer. And most of the time it's done online too since I buy Mary's curriculum online as well.

There are a lot of places to buy school supplies but a great place is School Specialty. They literally have everything for students, parents and teachers alike. We were lucky enough to sample some items that would be perfect for students, parents and also teachers and we were really impressed. School Specialty has a lot of different items to offer everyone!

Items for Parents

School Specialty has some fun items for parents! My personal favorites were the 12 Month Planner, the Dry Erase Board with Pens, the Clips and Pins Set and the Clipboard! These are all things I could use in our homeschool so I intend on using them this year! And when you homeschool, you can never have too many pens handy!

Items for Teachers

As a homeschool mother, I consider myself a teacher so I really enjoyed the teacher supplies as well. Some of my favorites were the Lesson Planner and Post it Notes. I used a lesson planner years ago with Mary and it really helped! I can't wait to use one again this year for fourth grade.

Items for Students

I would have never thought that school supplies could be so awesome! School Specialty really does have everything! Some of our favorites were the Noise Cancelling Headphones, the Brainbox Memory Game, the pens and highlighters and the Binder! I especially LOVED the Brainbox game because it is Math and can be played by one person or two. I've had Mary use this at night and it's a really great educational game!

Overall we were completely impressed with everything we were sent from School Specialty. I love how they have so much more than just crayons and pencils. You can get everything you need with them for all the kids and even the teachers too! Make sure to check them out on their site and check them out on social media as well.