Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister Homeschool Unit Study


Mary and I really love playing Nancy Drew games so here is our newest unit study based on Trail of the Twister. We just finished replaying this game for the first time in years so while we went through, I was taking notes for a fun unit study. 

Like our other Nancy Drew Unit studies, this one is pretty simple but it can be really fun!

Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister Homeschool Unit Study


Trail of the Twister takes place in Oklahoma. Make sure to check out this amazing and very all inclusive Oklahoma unit study! (This unit includes a lot more than just geography. It has reading, music and lots more!)


Download this awesome tornado unit study! Other than the download, the site page has videos and book recommendations as well. (This unit is full of great worksheets!)

Watch this YouTube channel on Storm Chasers

Learn about Theodore Fujita who invented the F-Scale for tornados.

Watch this video on the different types of clouds

Learn about the mythical jackalope

Read about prairie dogs


Read Little House on the Prairie and I Survived the Joplin Twister of 2011


Watch this video on the Homestead Act of 1862

Watch this video on the Dust Bowl

Learn about the Trail of Tears and take a quiz at the bottom of the page