Why Parents Need to Teach Their Children About PPE

The best way to get kids to understand why they need to change their longstanding habits is to actually teach them why. Only when you approach your children and teach them in a way they can understand can you start to build the right expectations.

Why Do You Need to Teach Children About PPE?

There are so many reasons to teach your children about PPE.

  • To Help Them Understand Why They Need to Use it

As lockdown eases up and society gets back on the move, some things will stick. The need to use face masks, clean your hands, and abide by social distancing will still be in place. By teaching your kids about how PPE works to reduce the spread of the virus, you can also teach them the importance of following through with these rules.

It means your investment in COVID-19 PPE from medical-supermarket.com will be more worthwhile, as your kids will understand how to use it and why it’s important. It will also work to keep your whole family safe.

  • To Make Healthcare Workers Less Scary

All essential workers, particularly healthcare workers, will wear PPE. For little kids, this PPE can be downright scary. It hides most of the facial features that they use to establish trust, making it difficult for kids to get the right care they need.

By teaching them about PPE first-hand, you can make it less scary for your little ones, whether you are in the hospital or outside.

How Can You Teach Your Children About PPE?

Scotland has recently released a video that makes it easy for kids to understand why PPE is so important. It was made to help make any admittance to a GP or hospital easier for kids who don’t understand PPE or why it is necessary, only that it dehumanises the doctors, nurses, and staff.

This video, created by Edinburgh Children’s Hospital, helps explain how PPE is the same as any other uniform worn by professionals like astronauts, firefighters, scientists, chefs, and even ghostbusters. It ends with actual medical professionals explaining that their PPE is the same as a firefighter’s helmet, an astronaut’s suit, or a scientist’s googles. It even has a big reveal at the end, where the doctors remove their PPE to show their happy, smiling faces – faces children up until now have associated with medical professionals.

Showing children this video, as well as answering questions and even using experiments to showcase how PPE can stop the spread of a virus, will help instil in children why PPE is important, and that PPE isn’t scary.

Done right, you can help your children learn these key facts first-hand and even reconfigure their view on PPE. It isn’t a mask that hides someone’s face. It’s the same as a chef uniform or a firefighter’s fire protective suit. By relating PPE for COVID-19 to these everyday heroes, you can encourage your children to wear their own properly, because doing so is like dressing up like their heroes in the NHS.