Friday, March 14, 2014

Purim Recipe and Craft Round-Up

I can't believe that Purim is already tomorrow. And this Purim is even more special because it falls on Shabbat too! So since most of the recipe posts going up right now are for St. Patricks or Easter which we don't celebrate, I wanted to make a round-up for all the other Jewish bloggers out there that celebrate Purim.

1. Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows
2. Purim Brownies
3. Chocolate Spoons
4. Burik Pastries
5. Purim Mask Cookies
6. Rainbow Challah
7. Sushi Hamantaschen
8. Brownie Stuffed Hamantaschen

And for the bloggers who actually craft for the holidays, here are some fun Purim crafts for the young ones!

1. Mustache Lolipop Holders
2. Mishloach Manot Baskets
3. Grogger
4. Candy Bags
5. Purim Mask
6. Purim Discovery Bottle
7. M&M Holder
8. Oatmeal Can Gift Holder


  1. Love all the ideas, especially the chocolate dipped marshmallows.

  2. Those marshmallows look amazing!

  3. What a great roundup! I hope you and your family have a great holiday!

  4. Wow I learned something new, I didn't know what Purim was so I had to go look it up. How awesome of you to come up with this roundup!

  5. What a wonderful round up...I don't celebrate Purium but these look great!

  6. Fun - I love all of these colorful ideas - they can be applied to several other events as well!

  7. I love the chocolate spoons! I've seen them done on wooden spoons, but never bright ones like that. Really cute! I say every year that I'm going to give these as gifts and never get it together enough to do it.

  8. Those spoons look like fun party favors. I have always wanted to make something like that, I may have to!

  9. My aunt used to make Hamantaschen every year. I have yet to have any as delicious as hers and never did get her recipe. These are some great ideas for Purim!

  10. What wonderful crafts i really like the spoons great party idea.

  11. Had to look up what Purim is but hey, ya learn something new everyday. Also, those chocolate....
    Hamantaschen (they look like cupcakes) look so delicious!

  12. Great round-up! I must say, I love those chocolate-dipped marshmallows. So versatile! I've done those in all styles and colors for different parties!

  13. Those are great crafts and treats! I would love to marshmellows!! They are so beautiful!


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