Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Inspiration for Your Home Shopping

Inspiration for Your Home Shopping 

Summer is upon us and there has never a better time to start your home makeover than now. Whether you are looking for some accenting cushions for your existing home, or you have just moved into you brand new house, there is a wealth of inspiration at your fingertips. As with any year, there are certain trends that have already started to appear in 2013. Each of them offers their own unique design factors that can be easily replicated into real life. So, to help you make the small changes to a brighter home this year, here are some of the most unique trends and how to style with them.

 Upcyling and vintage romanticism 
The vintage look has been in fashion for the past few years and this is one of the easiest trends to make your own as it really is a case of anything goes. The main rule for vintage inspiration is to pick a pale colour pallet, such as eggshell blue and then make the most of your look through furnishings that are slightly mismatched.

Start by looking at your soft furnishings, there are many sites dedicated to home shopping that will not only help you to find the right separate pieces but also deliver them right to your door.

These pillows in the image are a great base to build upon. Each is slightly different and it really comes down to your personal, vintage taste, but each has their unique points. Look at mixing lettering with images. There are many of these Paris prints available at the moment, but you can also find some for London, New York and Sydney if you fancied it. Then there are images that almost look like cameos, this Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen cushion fits this cameo esq look perfectly and will work with many colour schemes.


OK, so this may not be to everyone's taste, but nectarine is HUGE this season and is a perfect summer accent colour, if you don’t want to go as far as completely decorating your home in this shade. 

Look at small accenting pieces, such as this ‘Relax’ sign from www.littlewoods.com. This will bring in small hints of this bright colour, without being too over the top. There are many forms of these little signs to be found at the moment, from ‘Peace’ to ‘Home sweet home’, so pick the right one to suit your family - you can even get your children's names made for their bedrooms. 

Nectarine can be brought out throughout your home in small ways and dramatic ways. Look for towels, bedsheets, vases and even your slippers as ways to add in the hint of color and make it a lifestyle change rather than just an interior design option. The best part about simply adding in small amount of colour is that they can be changed as often as you like, without completely redecorating your home. 

From tribal to floral 

 Patterns are back this summer, from our wardrobes to our homes, it is all about the bright and the beautiful. This is another trend that will not only match your home, but that can fit in with your personality on a level that many others can’t. There are hundreds of patterns to choose from this year, the only rule is to pick the bright or bold over the subtle.

If you love to bring the unusual into your home, then tribal prints are great for this. They are unique and also work great with blank canvas rooms, cream walls and one tonal furnishings. Kitchens are a great place to start when looking at tribal prints as there is such a wealth of products available. These plates are a perfect example of how to use a tribal print in a modern way.

Tribal is such a vast area, that it can be easier to work with. You can pick a country or continent such as Africa and style from the inspiration found there, or mix up a variety of ethnicities. This Tex Mex printed duvet cover set is perfect for bringing in some tribal patterns and showing off your adventurous side! 

Finally for 2013, remember that the trends are vast, make each styling decision a personal one and your home will look at feel warm all year round.

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