Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Changing my Ways With #CascadeComplete

My husband grew up hand-washing all his dishes. His mom hand-washed and her mom hand-washed and so  on and so on. I, on the other hand, grew up with a dishwasher and watched my mom proudly install one in the 80s when they first came out. Ever since then, she always used a dishwasher and when I was growing up, one of my chores was to load the dishwasher. So it's easy to say that I had never hand-washed a dish in my life until I met my husband. I just threw them in the dishwasher and left them for my parents. So when I first met my husband and had dinner at his house one night, when we started cleaning up together, I started the search for the dishwasher. Unfortunately, I never found one.

When my soon to be husband came in to help, he noticed that I wasn't washing dishes, but frantically looking for the dishwasher. He then began to laugh at me and showed me how to properly wash a dish without a machine. I can safely say that I didn't like this method of cleaning. I'm a strange sort of person; more like a cat in a lot of ways. I enjoy naps, can fall asleep almost anywhere, I love a good stretch, I'm a picky eater, I'm very curious, if I notice something move from the corner of my eye my attention is totally lost from you, and I had a big love for birds, although I don't eat them. But the one uncanny likeness between me and cats is I hate water. Not to bathe or swim; that's just fine. I hate getting any part of my body wet when I'm fully dressed. So for me to put my hands down in soapy water was totally out of my comfort zone.

Well, my soon to be husband washed the dishes that night and laughed the whole time. But I didn't care because once we got married, I got a dishwasher. I like dishwashers for a lot of reasons, but mostly because you get a much better clean. Plus, I don't have to get wet. Big plus for me. Of course I've had some battles with them like the time I learned the hard way that you can't put regular dish soap in a dishwasher and then leave the house. I came back to a swimming pool instead of a kitchen. And it was a work day for me too.

But dishwashers have more pros than cons which is why I still use them. And now i'm trying to get my husband to use one too. It's more like a new year's resolution for me.

Here's one new year’s resolution you can easily achieve-  a sparkling, clean dinner table – with the help of Cascade Complete Pacs! Don’t waste your time with a dishwasher detergent that leaves behind cloudy dishes and spotty glassware. Get sparkling clean in 2013, and set the table with virtually spot-free glasses and dishes at every meal. Cascade Complete Pacs provide an immaculate clean without wasting precious time and water pre-rinsing 24-hour stuck-on food messes. Over time, Cascade Complete Pacs fight hard water film two-times better, wash after wash, than the next leading premium pac.

Last week I was able to try out Cascade's new Complete Pacs after making homemade Manacotti. You can only imagine how saucy the pots and pans were. And I didn't even rinse them off either. My husband didn't think they would get clean, but once that buzzer rang, Cascade proved him wrong! My pots and pans were spotless and looked brand new!

So what does my hand-washing obsessed husband say to that? Will he change his ways? Probably not because he's a stubborn southern man, but that's alright. I'm the one who buys the dish-washing liquid!

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  1. I grew up washing dishes by hand but once I got married and had a dishwasher.... Fine glassware I'll do by hand but not much else.

  2. I have always hand washed my dishes but maybe I will give cascade a try. Sometimes it is nice to take a break =)

  3. I love dishwashers too, I can't imagine living somewhere without one, LOL.

  4. I'm like your husband - grew up washing dishes by hand. But unlike your husband, I have always DREAMED of owning a dish washer! We're saving up to do a kitchen remodel in a few years and at the top of the list is a dishwasher, lol! When I get one, I'll definitely try out Cascade!

  5. I love the Cascade Complete Pac's. My dishes have never been cleaner and they are so easy to use.

  6. Well, that's quite an endorsement! I will have to try Cascade Complete Pacs! Thanks!

  7. I also can not live without a dishwasher.


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