Friday, May 4, 2012

My Friend's Crazy Las Vegas Wedding Story

Have you ever known someone that completely overtook someone else's wedding? I think that's what all parents do, but sometimes they can go overboard.

I had a good friend named Jennifer that had dated her high school sweetheart for years. When they finally made it official that they were going to get married, both sets of parents started planning their wedding. At first, it was a sweet gesture, but by the end, neither Jennifer or her fiance had any say in it at all! So one night, they eloped out to Las Vegas! The funny part is no one even knew until they called Jennifer on her cell phone to see where she was and she told them!

Personally, I didn't get married in Las Vegas but I did runaway with my husband too to get married. He picked me up at 4am and we drove until we got to a church that would marry us. Of course I would have loved to have had a fancy wedding, but after looking back, I'm glad we did it our way.

So if you're thinking of having a Las Vegas wedding, especially if you're parents are driving you crazy, then go for it! It'll be a memory that'll last forever!

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  1. Wow! That is one way to get them out of your wedding business! I could never elope to Vegas because I would want my friends and family to be there, but it's personal choice!


  2. We kept ours small thankfully!


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